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updated 14 September 2017

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*** 2017 Reunion ***

updated 24 August 2017
The 2017 reunion has come and gone. I had to leave early but only about a dozen people had shown up by then, maybe more came later? Check the attendance links below to see how good my memory is.

For info about previous reunions, see
2017 attendees, didn't take attendance in 2016, no reunion in 2015, 2014 attendees, 2013 attendees, 2012 attendees, 2011 attendees, 2010 attendees, no reunion in 2009, 2008 attendees, 2007 attendees, 2006 attendees, 2005 attendees, 2003 attendees.

I've updated this page with all the contact updates people have sent me (not counting those I may have lost). Please send me updates for yourselves or for your buddies.


This is a list of the known whereabouts of former members of the Digital Equipment Corporation VAX / MIPS / Alpha / x86 Workstation Engineering groups. (DIGITAL was acquired by Compaq Computer Corporation in 1998, and Compaq was acquired by Hewlett-Packard in 2002.) Current and former Hewlett-Packard (Compaq, DIGITAL) employees are welcome to submit their names to this list (see the Notices section). The URL for this page is

This site has been discovered by some commercial users, including recruiters. Please do not SPAM this list -- you will only make everyone mad at you. I've taken out the mailto: links and garbled the email addresses a bit so it should be harder for the spammers.

Speaking of SPAM, some alums were interested in finding ways to email and/or post job listings (both "jobs available" and "looking for work"), as well as possibly having a general alum discussion forum. I thought the criteria should include opt-in, moderated membership, multiple moderators for backup, restricted access for both reading and writing, members can post on their own (possibly including removal of outdated postings), email digest option (lumps postings into one daily email). Yahoo Groups seem to handle a lot of this, so I set one up. See the "timely notice" above for more info.

Location of the DWSALUM site

You're looking at this page through the latest URL of the DWSALUM website.
Accept no substitutes.

These older sites are deprecated:
- - this points to the latest site .
- - I can no longer change this, but it points to dwsalum_new.htm and you can take it from there.

Anyone want to take over DWSALUM?

I'm looking to pass the baton of ad hoc Social Director, Webmaster, Moderator, Lost&Found clerk, and whatever else it is that I do. Any takers? Hey, you! Over there in the corner. How about it? I would appreciate someone stepping up so this community doesn't fade away simply because no one's watching out for it. Many of you have heard this before, but House's Law of Trucks states that project succession, knowledge and documentation should always plan for the, one hopes, rare event of a truck running over the one guy/gal who actually knows how to get the project done. The least work required would be for someone to occasionally grab a copy of the HTML source and I plant a link to that in the current site (which will get archived _somewhere_ on the intertubes). Later, this would involve promoting the former backup site to the live copy. Then it's a bit of rewriting the HTML however you want (I've always aimed for function over form, but I'm just a crusty old fart); getting all the pesky emails and telling people why you won't send their email to everyone on the list; updating the contact list periodically (I generally only do it just before the reunion); moderating the dwsalum Yahoo! group mailing list; calling Frank at the Pleasant Cafe to set a date for the reunion; sending out several reunion reminders; and whatever comes into your head.

Yahoo! Groups mailing list, dwsalum

I set up a Yahoo! group as a DWS alumni/ae members-only mailing list. Go to to figure out how to join, or send email to

As with the dwsalum web site, let me know who you are and why you should be allowed access to this list. If you're already on the dwsalum web site, you don't have to provide much in the way of justification. If your email address is not immediately recognizable, then you do have to tell me who you are. Sometimes email is sent to Your Friendly Moderator to approve membership requests, and sometimes the request just shows up in the Pending Approval list when YFM visits the group -- if you don't get approved right away you probably fell into the latter category so send me email directly and I'll take care of it.

Read the Welcome message for some idea of how the group will be run. I could use a co-moderator on this, see House's Law of Trucks above.

LinkedIn professional networking site

You might consider joining the LinkedIn networking group. It seems pretty reasonable, with only a few uninvited emails from 'plaxo' as a downside. There are alumni groups for "DEC Alumni" and "Digital Equipment Corp. Alumni", if you're a "joiner". The upside is that you can update your own information, avoiding the months-long [years-long!] delay for me to get to it in dwsalum. See for more information. You can do a basic listing for free, or spend up to $100 a month (?!) for an "Executive" account. There's even a "Job Seeker" account ($30/mo) that _may_ make sense if you really need the contacts. I just do the free basic plan.

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Where are they now?

Names get placed in this penalty box if I don't have a corresponding email address. Any information in the regular listing is suspect. If you know where these folks are or how to contact them, please have them send me an update.

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Boilerplate Notices

Notice: This is the real URL for this web site:

- at least it was on 2014/08/09

This site is intended to be used for purposes of keeping in touch and various forms of networking. This site is non-commercial: nothing is sold and nothing is advertised, but due diligence forces me to say that any information posted here is available to the world.

The site has been discovered by some commercial users, including recruiters. I'll try to find a sufficiently legal-looking notice to post that says that such use is prohibited. If necessary, I'll investigate making at least part of the site password protected.

I'd be happy to include pointers to your personal or employer home pages; sorry, but I can't post files. I'm not posting résumés, announcements or other ephemera, mainly because I don't update this page very often (post that stuff on the Yahoo group). Please send me email with any omissions, corrections or updates.

I don't send non-group-related emails -- it's a real pain for me and a lot of you probably wouldn't be interested. You can glean the addresses of folks you know would care and send the email yourself. Post to the dwsalum Yahoo group.

To be listed, send me as much of the following information as you want published, and tell me what your connection is to the VAX / MIPS / Alpha / x86 Workstation Engineering groups. The list is limited to former employees of those groups; if you really have to be in a club, go set up an alumni/ae page for your own cohort and, if you can convince YFM it's relevant, I'll post a pointer to it.

email addresses (at least one that's not your employer, just in case)
title and/or position
work address
work voice number
work home page
home address
home phone
personal home page
LinkedIn page

If you want to be removed from the list, let me know. Sorry.

Send me suggestions for any improvements, or features you'd like to see. Note that this site is decidely low maintenance, so don't get carried away (unless you want to do the work).

The Alumni/ae site will be updated whenever I get around to it. New or modified listings are marked updated for at least a month. Email addresses that have bounced are marked "(?)", and will eventually get deleted.

Legal tidbits: I decline responsibility for errors, and offer to make only a half-hearted attempt to fix them (a) after I find out about it and (b) when I feel darned good and ready. And, as you know, there are no secrets on the Internet.

Send mail to Kenny House at *mail*to* Kenny*AT*KAHouseConsulting*DOT*com